About BGI

BGI LLC is the only U.S.-based real estate firm currently developing commercial properties in West Africa. BGI LLC was formed in 2011 to establish a permanent presence in West Africa and make strategic commercial and real estate investments in the emerging economies of the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa. BGI is a registered entity in the US and Ghana.

“Our goal is to demonstrate that American business involvement overseas can be a “win, win, win” game — good for the society, good for those we serve and good for our employees and investors.”

BGI has engaged the most robust growing economies in the world, and has created a platform for significant commercial development investments serving Africa’s emerging middle class and economies. BGI draws on a wide base of development expertise and experience in international capital markets. On-the ground work by the principals, a unique set of experienced businessmen, separates BGI from the pack of followers seeking to capitalize on an emerging 21st century economic powerhouse.