Properties & Leasing

BGI has made strategic investments of development equity capital in commercial real estate in Ghana and Nigeria, countries whose economic growth has outstripped their current infrastructure.  Our future expansion will be spread throughout the Continent.

West Africa is home to the largest foreign direct investments on the Continent and represent the fastest growing economies  in the World. Properties are being developed, re-developed or re-positioned to create value and have been selected for their superior locations, pre-leasing and ability to generate a growing income stream as well as high, long-term capital appreciation. BGI has business agreements with local West African operating partners as well as US, UK and SA investors.

Ghana SitesSelected Projects in Development

    • Supermarket and General Merchandiser anchored malls in Ghana and Nigeria: Accra, Tema, Kumasi and Takoradi, Ghana, Lagos, Ikeja and other sites in Nigeria.
    • Hotel mixed-use retail center in Takoradi, Ghana.
    • Landmark 60 acre site in Osu, Accra including beachfront.
    • Selected joint ventures in Accra, Takoradi and other Ghana population centers to develop middle income targeted rental housing in mid to hi-rise buildings.
    • Multiple site retail development for one of the world’s largest retailer now expanding in West Africa.
    • Sites under consideration in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria as well as other ECOWAS nations.

Future Markets

Expansion into Tanzania, Kenya and other East African markets.