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Complex title issues slow down proper land development in Ghana. Market participants such as BGI applaud the investment of $100 Million by the World Bank which includes $millions to upgrade title system. World Bank approves US$100m for Agriculture. The Board of Directors of the World Bank today approved a US$100 million credit to support the Government of Ghana’s efforts to…read more →

It’s Official — The Wal-Martization of the biggest untapped retail market left on earth has begun; and BGI is here waiting!

When Wal-Mart is ready we are here already, waiting. S.African court approves Wal-Mart takeover. By Justine Gerardy | AFP — 36 MINS AGO A South African court approved on Friday Wal-Mart’s $2.2 billion takeover of local chain Massmart, giving the world’s biggest retailer its first foothold in Africa. The case is seen as a bellwether for foreign investment in South Africa,…read more →

A sign of prosperity in a young democracy — Ghana’s cursed Growth!! ???

Ghana’s growth spurt is getting notice around the world and debate inside the borders. Ghanains are enjoying the luxury of a system where there is transparency to the use of the wealth. Commodity wealth owned and controlled by a dictator, strongman, permanent or revolving president does not get exposed to the light of day, newspapers and op-eds can’t question the oil wealth’s…read more →

Ghana’s Indicators continue to Improve–Bodes Well

The inflation rate continued a steady decline from 11% in 2010 to 8.73% in 2011. Intelligent growth, wise use of sovereign debt and management of oil wealth are the factors that will propel Ghana into the world’s club of favored nations for investment. Business News of Wednesday, 11 January 2012: Source: GNA Inflation Rate ends year in single digit- 8.58…read more →

BGI settles in to Accra offices, here for the long haul!

The Managing Directors of BGI LLC have opened their first  office in Ghana at Golden Gate Villas.  “We are strategically located off the major commercial thoroughfare known as Spintex Road”, said Business Development manager, Chance Gbebleou-Sleem. Managing Director Morley Gordon stated: “BGI is advancing projects throughout Ghana and also considering other West African and East African development opportunities as they…read more →

African Consumers

“There is a new scramble for African riches — its consumers” — says Andréa Michel Essoungou 24 March 2011 In recent years, global companies have started a new scramble for African resources — its upwardly mobile consumers. André Michel Essoungou of ‘Africa Renewal’ follows the money: When the world’s biggest retail company, US-based Walmart, bought a majority stake in South…read more →