BGI LLC Proudly sponsors Yale Club of Ghana 2013 Cofernence

BGI LLC Proudly sponsors Yale Club of Ghana 2013 Cofernence

BGI LLC is proud to sponsor the Yale Club of Ghana 2013 Conference, From Success to Significance: Thought Leaders in the African Renaissance in Accra, Ghana, July 18-19, 2013 reflecting our commitment to Ghana, Sub-Sahara Africa and the Yale Alumni Association program of bringing world class thinkers, artists and business leaders to forums around the World.

Irwin BarkinBGI CEO, Irwin Barkan said “BGI’s strong commitment to commercial development in Ghana and Sub-Sahara Africa combines with our outreach and probono efforts to create the win-win-win game: a win for Ghana’s burgeoning middle class who will enjoy world class commercial development, a win for the local economy with permanent employment, entrepreneurial opportunities and our investment in safe water infrastructure, and a win for BGI, its employees and investors”

We look forward to greeting you in Accra, our home.

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BGI LLC is the only U.S.-based real estate firm currently developing commercial properties in West Africa. BGI LLC was formed in 2011 to establish a permanent presence in West Africa and make strategic commercial and real estate investments in the emerging economies of the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa. BGI is a registered entity in the US and Ghana. Our goal is to demonstrate that American business involvement overseas can be a "win, win, win" game - good for the society, good for those we serve and good for our employees and investors. Reach out if you're interested in learning more about what we do.